After leaving Colorado we headed into Wyoming our first nigh was in Cheyenne Wy. We stayed here for few days to see what Cheyenne was all about. Luckily we were in time to see the PRE- Frontier Days not the full blown chaotic event, so that was very nice.. DSC05722 DSC05728 DSC05729 DSC05726 DSC05733 IMG_0857IMG_0883IMG_0990IMG_0880IMG_0992It was very interesting and the museum had a lot of different carriages and historical facts about each piece. Cheyenne was a pleasant town and the people were very friendly.

We also visited the botanical garden there it was really cool. There was no one in the garden because it was 4th of July so we had it all to ourself. I chased that hawk from tree to tree for about an hour. I also had to stand still by the pond for what seemed like forever to get the perfect close up of the dragon fly.  DSC05798 DSC05774 DSC05771 DSC05791DSC05805IMG_0977DSC05804

We explored many many dirt roads in Wyoming such beautiful country.These were all outside of Wheatland in the Rock River area. IMG_1412The terrain was magnificent we found little hidden roads, ponds, and fantastic reservoir.

IMG_1164 IMG_1117 IMG_1127 IMG_1140 IMG_0967 There was so much wildlife on these roads I could not contain myself. Evertime I saw something move I stopped to explore with my camera, Rich was sooooo patient. However, this time it was something a baby fox and his family. IMG_1157I sat on the dirt road for about 30 minutesIMG_1069 watching and trying to get closer, it was the most precious thing I had ever seen. IMG_1149 IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1160We also saw two Antelope males fighting, We were pretty far away so the picture’s does not do it justice.IMG_1014 DSC05833 DSC05835Then they all left together, I guess they sorted everything out.. Hmmm if it were just that easy:)

We stayed at the nicest camp ground just outside of WheatlandIMG_1199 IMG_1100 IMG_1049Michelle and her Husband were so accommodating and super friendly! Plus we had the whole grassy field to ourself, what else could you ask for.

We also went exploring up by the Kemmerer area looking for petrified wood with blue glass infused in it. We have become or shall I say more active rock hounds on this journey.IMG_1140 IMG_1164IMG_0961IMG_1057IMG_1056By the time we left we had quite a collection of rocks. IMG_1204 IMG_1089My daughter makes jewelry so we sent them all to her.

We really enjoyed Wyoming and plan to visit here again and explore even more hidden places.



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