What to do when your Bike get’s stuck

At work one day, a bunch of machines got parked close to my bike and made it impossible to make a tight turn and go out the road I came in on. This bike does not turn on a dime, it takes some room. Soooo my only choice, with out moving all of them, was to go up and around them and squeeze between the dozer and a ditch full of water and maybe mud! Plenty of room, I think. Off I go around the machines, front tire past the ditch, I’ve got it made-Not- the rear tire slips right in the ditch/mud and down to the skid plate. With both feet on the ground at the same time now, I knew this wasn’t good. I’ll just push it out of the hole—I’ll push a little harder this time, I pushed, pulled and shoved. I couldn’t even get it to fall over sideways. So I started thinking about what to take apart so I can move it, then I think, there is an excavator parked right next to the dozer. I tied a rope to the handle bars, took the windshield off and lifted it up and out of the mud, it rolled on the back wheel. I jumped off the excavator and put the side stand down so I could put it down on the ground without it falling over. Walla that was easy, just put the windshield back on and I can ride home from work. Nothin to it.

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