The story of the second trailer

As for most men out there the idealism is more power and bigger is better, well Rich has done it again with blood sweat and tears he has yet again built a more efficient trailer. He has welded, cut, sanded, and drilled for weeks now he is a happy camper with his new master piece.
Welding in the backyard

Sometimes you have to improvise and be your own load simulator to test out your work

Welding in the backyard  Load simulator

The finished products with smiles ear to ear

Happy Camper

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  1. I met Neil at Ace Hardware yesterday and heard about your trip and website. Very Cool.
    You’ll enjoy seeing Phil Funnell’s trailer on my website.


    • Hi Scott,

      We both met Phil at the BMW Rally, what a wonderful human being with such a vivacious spirit for living.. We loved your website and hope you continue to watch our journey.. We are leaving in 2 weeks for Mexico..

      Thank you for your reply!

  2. Thank you so much!

    Keep watching much more to come with enticing articles and magnificent pictures..

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