The MOA BMW Rally in Salem, OR 2013

600597_180129002161255_1498248148_nOff to Salem to get our new comfy seats made so our you-know-what’s will be happier!

We had planned on leaving for Salem early Thursday morning but we could not wait any longer, so we left Wednesday. We arrived at our camp spot late Wednesday evening and found a great area surrounded by trees covering us for shade, which we were grateful for because it was very hot. I am not, let’s say, a camping girl. I have had many failed attempts at camping but I was optimistic! I scouted out the site looking for the showers or the bathrooms. You can see my camping experience rightthere. “Ok”, I said to myself, it’s all-good and Rich could see my concern so we found the port-a-potties and the showers. Iwas relieved.IMG_3058IMG_3060

Now back to the main reason we went to get our new seats and the view. There were BMW’s as far as the eye could see for miles and miles. Every color, make, model, breed and species of BMW’s was there.IMG_3061IMG_3065IMG_3070

We arrived at our appointment for our new seats early on Friday because we had an issue Thursday with our original appointment and Rich was going to be first in line come Friday morning no matter what. So, as we waited, other people began to arrive for their appointment, we met a wonderful guy from Toronto and immediately hit it off. We had a great time while we waited and talked to so many interesting people. It was a LONG HOT day and having the pleasure of meeting and talking with so many interesting people made it much easier.IMG_3093IMG_3095IMG_3106

Ok it has been a few days time to take a shower, well that was very eventful. Like I have mentioned not a huge camping consignor so needless to say I was bit nervous. There was a very nice older English woman who showed me where to put things and explained the etiquette of the shower stalls, I was so relieved and clean.

Rich onthe other hand did not have a polite experience, there were as he put it a much higher ratio of bodies than space. After he showered he sat down to put his clothes on and made the mistake of looking up. Needless to say, he left the shower room with one sock, no shirt, and  holding his boots in a hurry. That was our last shower there. It was definitely an experience!

Another awesome event was meeting Lisa from 2ridetheworld. I am a huge fan and was so excited to meet her! We talked and Rich and I learned so much from her and Simon’s 10 years of experience riding around the world. Thank you Simon and Lisa!

This was a new experience for both Rich and I. We had never attended a rally before now but I believe this won’t be our last! Between the amazing live concerts, great new friends, delicious food, huge variety of BMW vendors and education, how could we not go back?  Thank you MOA BMW Rally 2013 for an amazing experience.



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