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Who is Mel? Mel is Mom, Grandmother and a newbie to this world. The love of my life introduced to me the riding world and I have to say it is amazing! My kids are grown and it is my turn to live life and I plan on doing that sitting on the back of the Blue Mule taking in the breathtaking sights. I pondered for a while to get my own Blue Mule and it may still happen, but until then I will gladly sit tucked behind
We have bought all the necessary Kevlar protection; I must say I feel kind of like the abominable snowman in all my gear, but I imagine that pavement would hurt so I waddle out and get on the bike with no complaints!
My motto is to always live life blissfully in utter peace, surround yourself in positive thought and laugh all your worries away. I plan on doing that while digesting the big wide world and experiencing as many new things as humanly possible.

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