Our trip to Seattle for the Aerostitch/Riderwearhouse

All in all it was a GREAT trip! We arrived the night before in Seattle, stayed at a hotel with a “Jacuzzi” in the room, ya baby! We rode down to the Aerostitch event to get my gear re-fitted.. So excited! As you know ladies, it’s very unpleasant when things don’t fit right! Needless to say it was a very successful trip and I am a very happy rider.. We had the pleasure of meeting Andy Goldfine, who is the designer of Aerostitch. This experience was so amazing because not only was he incredibly welcoming to us but he made us feel like part of the club!

On the road going home we encountered some pretty steep hills, probably not our best choice of routes but we our adventurous.. On one of the hills from hell Rich lost his footing at a stop sign, and the Blue Mule was not happy and down she went. I, being the passenger was bucked off the back and took a tumble. All I could think of as I was lying on the pavement is this would make a great pic for the website, dedicated I know..LOL! A trip to the ER the next day confirmed a fractured wrist, oh well, the trip was still worth it!

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