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  1. So great to meet you guys at Mesa Verde and hear about your great adventures. I will follow your blog and will definitely investigate conception bay and Baja. Be safe and maybe we will cross paths again someday. Take care of each other and follow the sunsets!

    • It was awesome to meet you guys too!! You missed a nasty storm. We will definitely cross paths again, maybe in Baja. Safe travels

      • We just left Sedona az. Did some great hiking/rock scrambling. And slide rock state park is amazing. So far this trip is 3565 miles. Maybe we will do 10k by the time we get back to ny. Peace!

        • Wow that’s amazing!!! We stayed 2 nights in the canyon at Monument Valley, that was way cool! Then we went to Gunnison Co. We are gonna ride through the Black Canyon Tomorrow.

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