Our Blue Mule now has a companion

I was always against the trailer idea. I am big strong and tough and damn good on two wheels. I will ride me and my girl and all the stuff we think we need to the other end of the world in safety… So the big bike I have been building, able to haul the load and endure my skillful pursuit of speed and freedom. Never mind that I can’t quite touch the ground but just with the tips of my toes with both feet at the same time, I know how to ride, and ride I will.

OK the truth at this point is I have fallen over so many times by now I’ve lost count, both by my self and with Melodi on the back. Melodi is a great sport and I could not ask for a better co-rider. However she has made it quite clear that she dose not like falling over, at all! We have a new shock on the back that is one inch lower and I softened the front to get more spring sag so I can touch the ground much better.

How ever, before I lowered the bike we thought we would load all of the stuff we have gathered for our trip and ride to the coast to see how it felt. Vancouver WA to Newport OR is about a 2 hour ride so we packed tent, sleeping bags, pads, cooking utensils, all the stuff. The bike felt heavy and tall but I can do it.

I think the high light of this fist trip with all this stuff was about half way there when we stopped on the side of the road to pee or smoke, or both, she just pees once to my five. So we made the stop, got off the bike and back on. The bike wants to tip over off the side stand because all the weight in back and up so high, never the less we did it. Once we get rolling we will be fine. I can ride. So a state cop pulls up and asks if we are ok, Ya all is good thanks for stopping. He pulls away and we try to do the same. I stopped at the bottom of the slop off the shoulder to try to get the right balance for the side stand so when we start to go we have a little bit of an incline to the asphalt. I let the clutch out (You know what happened don’t you) Boom it stalls and rolls back and I cant find the ground with my toes, over we go, we are now upside down in the weeds on the side of the road and Melodi’s leg is under the side case (she is not happy) I am now running in circles around the bike stopping on each lap to try to lift it. We get Melodi out from under the bike, she is ok, bruised and in pain but ok, so we both try to lift the bike, and again we try. Ok this time we both strain, I am ashamed to say we can’t do it. We can’t lift our bike back to its wheels. Just then, its now dusk, headlights come across us and the cop that stopped earlier came racing back to us and jumped out of the car and asked, how can I help? Well yes maybe you could help us lift our bike, what a great guy he was more than eager to help us. Where he came from I don’t know, enough time had lapsed that he should have been long gone. He must have known and seen our headlight doing a dance in the night sky. We got the bike up and back on the road with his help, boy does it feel top heavy.

I think we only fell over once that trip but with some prodding I am now thinking a trailer might get some weight down a little lower and off the back of the bike. Just some help would be worth it. I think this was the start of the trailer.

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  1. rich, think this is going to be alot of fun, got some good pic,s of cottnwood canyon, ble mule took ya there, need to get pic of melody jumping .

  2. rich, you should show pictures of your fab/ welding shop !

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