Vancouver Wa to Baja 2013

The day our trip began was for both Rich and I terrifying and exhilarating all in the same breath with every mile we traveled away from our home. We had talked about doing this for years and fantasy was quickly becoming reality. We loaded the bikes filling every nook and cranny with zero room to spare.

"Off We Go"

“Off We Go”

Rich routed us through back roads so we stayed off the fwy and we passed through Vancouver and onto Oregon and saw some beautiful country. There is no way to describe the beauty captured while riding on a motorcycle.

Being that our bike’s were a tad bit heavy there was a high risk of tipping over if the ground was not level.. So our first day we both tipped over simultaneously on a soft shoulder.. Thank goodness someone stopped and helped us get the bike’s back up.. Whew!

Tire side down..

Tire side down..

So after that adventure we decided ok it is getting time to stop and setup camp.. We found a GORGOUS spot, secluded and quiet ..However, a bit FREAKING cold..

BRRRRRRAWESOME!!!!Look at the view!!


What a great night’s sleep I especially enjoyed

the howling and yapping of the large pack of Coyote’s that became very friendly with a our camp at wee hours in the morning..

Lake Tahoe

Rich has many memories from Lake Tahoe and sharing those with him was pretty cool. He recalled many fishing adventures in the lake and showed me places he had been. Seeing the magnificent beauty of Lake Tahoe through his eyes and mine for the first time was amazing. He had never ridden through the mountainous terrain of Lake Tahoe so this was a first for both of us.

Lake Tahoe

!_DSC4587Such pretty scenery and calm water today


_DSC4588So clear you could see straight down to the bottom

_DSC4589Such a great ride and a fabulous day!

After we had left Lake Tahoe I was getting a bit tired and frayed and I needed to take a break.. Well that was not going to happen any time soon.  Rich in his infinite wisdom decided that going down the back of the mountain was our best route and it was windy and dark at this point. Needless to say I had never ridden at night nor had I been on a downhill grade that is provided by mountain. I had semi trucks whizzing by me the wind was howling and Rich in my ear “Honey we need to go a little faster” he at that point was on my list>  we finally reached the bottom and I was so ecstatic it was over, however I did not realize their was more fun to come. It was dark and bloody cold and we should have stopped at this point, however, because it was dark I had it in my head we would stop and seek shelter at a motel.. No Daniel Boone decided we should pitch the tent off the side of the rode and sleep. I was a bit apprehensive and convinced Rich we can go on still hoping for that neon red sign in the sky to catch our attention. At this point it was about 14 deg parts of our body were becoming numb and it became imperative we must stop. Rich turned off a dirt road and said follow me, another fun first for me. Oh joy a dirt road in the dark slipping and sliding cussing and crying thinking of doing unspeakable things to love of my life. We reached the middle of know where pretty quick and I crying, cold and plotting his death sat quietly on a rock contemplating what exactly have I gotten my self into. Rich diligently began building our house for the night making sure that I sat down and calm down. I watched him pound stakes in the ground while his hands were numb and get the sleeping bags off the bike and prepare dinner, all by himself at this point saw him in a different light that night, he became my protector!

In the Morning the camp sight was a beautiful spot and leaving on the dirt road was a much better experience.

Early in the morning

Early in the morningSun up and getting warm

Mastering the dirt road






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