My Own 2wheels.. The Billy Goat

Rich and I had always rode 2UP until this particular day. We were heading to Seattle to the Aero Stitch mobile store located in Seattle for the weekend to alter my gear. IMG_2902I enjoyed riding 2Up however, the Blue Mule had a tendency to tip over when stopped. It is a large top heavy bike and Rich can barely touch the ground not a good combo. So we head to Seattle on a pretty nice day, no rain which was a miracle in it’s self.

We get to the Aero Stitch store IMG_2426to see what we could do to alter my gear. My gear was fairly new so I did not think an exchange would be a problem. Here is where Aero Stitch rocks the swapped my gear for a new set in the store, no shipping, no waiting, bam easy peasy.. I am a happy girl!! IMG_2443-2As were were getting our gear together to head back home a older gentleman and a younger woman walked over to the bike. He knelt down and looked and touched and looked more and smiled to himself. Well this intrigued Rich because he knew exactly what was happening, some telepathic thing I guess that happens between motorcycle riders. IMG_2451The gentleman turned out to be none other then the designer of Aero Stitch and also a engineering genus. He knew exactly what Rich had rebuilt and why on the entire bike. It was pretty cool!

If you have ever been to Seattle you will agree the roads can be a bit challenging for riders. The massive hills and the off camber streets. I saw one of these up close and personal. We were heading up the hill when a kid darted out in front of us at the top of a very off camber road. Needless to say the bike went over, this time was different because i was thrown from the bike and landed on both my wrists. IMG_2430 IMG_2434We picked parts and pieces of the bike and pushed it up the hill. I had pain but I figured it was just from the wreck. By the time we got home I had a lot of pain and swelling. Being a nurse I knew there was a problem, but being stubborn I waited till the next day. IMG_2461 IMG_2452Both my wrists were injured. After my wrists healed a bit we tried riding again and I was jumpy and terrified we were gonna fall. So we talked it about me getting my own bike and learning how to ride. So the beginning of August about 5 weeks after being bucked off the Blue Mule we purchased my Billy GoatIMG_3174 IMG_3175So now the task of learning how to ride. I practiced all the time little side streets, parking lots, and trying desperately not to fall over. 1187226_10201923307388038_587183217_n


IMG_3506 2 months after the wreck I was a certified rider! Then 2 weeks later we left for Mexico..

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