How the trailer was born

I looked at a lot of trailers (all I could find) some great ones but none seemed to fit what I thought we needed for the trip. Like so many things in my life I thought, I will just make one myself, all I have to do is redesigning and weld the exhaust, design and weld a strong trailer hitch for the bike and then just weld up a trailer. Now if I only had a welder..

Since I was going to be welding, say 16gauge stainless and maybe up to ¼ mild steel, Tig welding might be the thing and I always wanted to do that (tig weld). So I learned to Tig weld on YouTube one night, that’s it, easy. Now all I need is a welder. After some reading I go to Craigslist and I find a Lincon buzz box in great shape, its going to look good in the living room, the shiny red paint will look great next to the couch. And boy dose it, what a match. Its a Lincon Idealarc 250 and its old so the transformer is all copper, cool. My son Neil and I drive up to Aberdeen WA to pick it up, 2 hour drive, but I’m getting a good deal its shiny, Melodi is going to love it, no faded paint in her living room, just shinny red, she has to love the classic look of it. So we get there and it is raining, duh, it only rains like 250 inches there a year. So the guy comes out and opens the garage, wow- I mean WOW thats kind of big but damn it looks good, I think to my self, I think it will fit in the trunk. So I tell him I will take it, he says when do you want to come get it looking at the Volvo 850 sedan in his driveway. I said, quite sure of my self we will take it with us now, he says OK, with a look on his face. So with that now I am determined to make it fit. We drag it on wheels throw the gravel of his driveway to the trunk, he says you know it weighs over 300lbs, ya we will get it, knowing it weighs as much as Neil and I put together. The trunk, no way, what was I thinking, the pretty red pain and all copper was affecting my judgement. Lets try the back seat; It will fit in there. As we drag it close it looks like no way but lets try it sideways, so we lift and push, no, set, no, place ya that’s it we place it less than half way in the back seat of the Volvo and the kind of drop 300lbs it into the door and wheel well of the back seat—now its kind of stuck, or maybe we just didn’t strain hard enough. I cant take it out because I said I would take it, and because it is stuck and we cant put it in the car or take it out, shoot its raining. Neil is now in the back seat lifting and pulling and I am lifting from the out side, only the car is lifting also, is it heavy or stuck, by now the back door is being forced open past the hinge point and the door panel is cracking, I know this thing we go in there. Finally the door panel is ripped from the door and the welder moves a little farther into the car, another big lift and shove and it moves into the back seat. We are soaking wet. Un believable, its in, now lets get the seat belts on it so it doesn’t kill us if we have to stop fast…

At home Neil and I drug it out of her car, did I mention the Volvo is Melodi’s car, I ride the bike. Put the car back together as best as possible, no one rides in the back seat anyway and any damage that the car may have sustained will be justified for the betterment of the trip. Melodi is going to be so proud of us bringing home that big beautiful red welder. She is going to be so happy to see it as the new end table to the couch. Being in the house the power cord is just long enough to reach across the living room and the kitchen and plug in behind the stove. Now to just make a cord that ties into the range plug with an outlet that lives beside the refrigerator, Wa La, life will be good.

I go to the welding store and buy a tig torch, argon tank, hose, regulator and tungsten, Tungsten, what is that stuff, better do some more reading.

PS Did you know you can Tig weld in the bathroom, it s perfect for small parts like, SS exhaust tubing when its raining or windy out side.

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  1. Thank you!! More to come!

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