Mesa Verde Colorado

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Garden of the Gods


Garden Of The God’s is named very appropriately.  DSC05626 DSC05624 DSC05623About 250 million years ago, Garden of the Gods had sandy beaches and an inland sea.  The 300 foot orange sandstone rocks in the Garden of the Gods were once sand dunes.DSC05641 DSC05628 DSC05630 DSC05636

About 65 million years ago, mountains rose and tipped the rocks that today we see today vertical and beyond.  This was an intense period of mountain building caused by the old Pacific plate slamming into the North American plate.  As the Front Range Mountains rose, the overlying sedimentary rocks were bent upward. Over time, the softer rocks eroded and valleys were created leaving harder rocks standing as the tall ridges in the Park.

.DSC05640We highly recommend going here just once in your lifetime it is well worth it!


Mesa Verde National Park 

DSC05222  IMG_2273What can I say about this park except you must experience this one for yourself. The visible history and pure education is magnificent to see up close and personal. IMG_2277 IMG_2275 IMG_2279The unityIMG_2278 and hard work it took to build these homes is beyond impressive. The scenery surrounding the park was breathtaking and added even more beauty to the park.IMG_2267IMG_2261IMG_2253 IMG_2254DSC05158DSC05223IMG_2282


Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak was a very sentimental journey for me, being this is where we were to spread my Mother’s ashes. It was a long and beautiful climb to the top of this almost 14,000 foot mountain. IMG_0024 IMG_0025IMG_0013Words can’t describe the beauty this mountain possesses what a perfect place to set Mom free! IMG_0010 IMG_0015

However, on  funny note one should not throw ashes into the wind it will come back to you in force. I was told that was one last kiss from my Mom, I’ll take that one!!!   IMG_0016




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