BAJA 2014-2015

Off to Baja again.. YEAH! So this trip began pretty much like it did last year, except this time we relinquished all possessions, anything and everything that we had. What ever fit on the bikes we took, as everyone knows we carry a lot of stuff. Jokingly, we always say we took everything but the kitchen sink.. HA HA

A awesome surprise this year was a call from our Calgary buddies Elle and Grant. They were in Portland and wanted to ride together to San Fransisco. COOOOL!! So we met up with them in Oregon and headed south.

10696219_718909844855465_3889725346375979210_n10624738_719631281449988_279251417680479737_n10171799_720189928060790_5699395395247338429_nIt was soooooooooo wet!!! So wet in fact, that the color from the gloves bled through.. 15458_719631291449987_3721308382112811809_nBut we are all troopers so we powered through. We headed south on the 101. Beautiful, wonderful coastal scenery even in the rain. 10686665_719632641449852_4132938515421264028_n 10422552_718508464895603_2553497445312844116_n10410678_719632651449851_252080031781379366_n10250200_718508478228935_3943701053679728690_n10689543_719670048112778_598248425928005724_n10468058_719631298116653_8050009739692193358_nNext Next day we headed to the Redwoods, of course, it is still raining and we had a lot of miles to cover that day.. It was so cool riding together made the wet and cold much more bearable.. 10407895_719631301449986_6693590948219650433_n10733983_720189954727454_8069918633572024216_nWe rode so much in the rain that day that we were ALL EXHAUSTED! Powering through twisty turny mountain roads in the rain was kinda tricky but who doesn’t love a challenge. The sun starting going down and we still had about 75 miles to go. We finally found the hwy we were looking for and then Eureka the exit to the warm cozy motel waiting for us. We came off the exit running pretty fast and Rich yells in my headset “stop slow down tight curve” so I grabbed to much break and sure enough I hit the WET SLICK painted arrow and my bike pitched me off and I began to slide and slide and slide backwards with my bike right next to me. With Grant and Elle right behind watching disbelief, Grant told me all I saw was your eyes looking at me while sliding, which I don’t remember at all.. I have never experienced anything like this when the bike went over it was like slow motion, I knew I was sliding I knew my bike was next to me, I even saw the word DAKAR right by me the entire time. I remember thinking “umm this isn’t so bad nothing hurts until I finally stopped. I was waiting for the sudden THUNK.. That hurt I smacked my head and slammed my left shoulder into the bike. I was so lucky because the ground was so slick it was like a slip and slide. I remember laying on my back listening to horns honking, watching Rich trying to get off his bike, and Elle rushing over to see if I was ok and thinking.. WOW! I am ok, moving my toes and hands checking my helmet and even checking my pulse, yepp it’s all good. I however could not bring myself to getting back on the bike to ride the 2 miles to the motel, so Elle bless her heart piled me in on her bike, Rich followed and Grant stayed with my bike. Rich then rode back with Elle to get my bike. I immediately soaked in a long HOT bath. 10303369_719645194781930_6034112059439431680_n 10670178_719645174781932_3969271505647649661_n 10676415_719645134781936_8111327766570441290_n

Next morning we were due to head south I needed a few days and my bike needed repairs. So that is where we parted paths with Elle and Grant 10268542_719670051446111_5991635651615336137_n 10409657_719670058112777_2761136987273943410_nIt was still raining!!

After a few nights rest and new handlebars, mirror, and some TLC  we were off again. 10670158_719675058112277_7440636890621114695_n


I will be honest it was a bit challenging but we went slow and I mustered some courage to power on to San Clemente Ca..10492107_720186051394511_2721633255586823282_n (1)Richard was so patient and caring..

Thank the heaven above it finally stopped raining we had blue skies.10614244_720724328007350_6163086973799308530_n (1) So we pulled over at a little park to have some lunch and they were wild turkeys running around .. 10612911_720838831329233_8931892570315944323_n 10614315_720838827995900_2305722091979873787_n

Made it to San Clemente It was a really cute little motel, we even parked our bikes on the patio.. 63978_721253314621118_5001259782800542032_nHowever, it was not a very restful night..LOL.. We had a heartbroken drunk neighbor who serenaded us ALL NIGHT.. Finally we had enough and requested that maybe he should get some rest. After a few hours he began the cat yowling tune once again, so we finally gave in and got up, packed our gear and off to Escondido Ca.

It was a clear beautiful day so we stopped and took many pictures along the way. Ocean scenery, birds, and sea lions. 10422061_722317304514719_8688060092287455925_n 10268413_722371561175960_2131107185813691719_n 10451159_722372174509232_7817056087474642848_n10734165_722372171175899_5484602958294791704_n 10805803_722371877842595_1734655153484822132_n 10172785_722317314514718_3447372191709908408_n11702_722371541175962_6972683929642978312_n 1560701_722372184509231_2539838304814175032_nSuch cute little creatures and so photogenic …

We reached Escondido late that evening and went to the coolest restaurant1505127_721752407904542_2420523885998465450_n 1796457_721752387904544_3924804213743675904_n Hacienda De Vega..

We had a great dinner and awesome night’s rest.

Next morning Baja bound.. Yeah.. Our scheduled stop was Ensenada for the night. Last time we were in Baja we neglected to get all our paper work to cross over on the Ferry, so this time we stopped and It wasn’t a hassle at all it just took a while, lot’s of walking back in forth in the same building. By the time we left it was getting late so we basically grabbed the closest hotel once we got into Ensenada.. We found a awesome little hotel right off the highway with a garage no less1002535_722767474469702_8410704539765015440_n.. When we pulled into the garage Rich looked a bit puzzled. Later I would know why.. We walked up stairs and it was a nice room with a big bed and nice bathroom, not bad for 300 pesos about $20.00.. In the room there was a chair and next to the chair was a menu.. Hm I picked up the menu and OH MY yep this was a sex motel, known in Mexico as a auto motel. Well the puzzled look on Richards face was the stack of personal lubrication next to the girl at the window. The place was immaculate and it had a garage, this was just fine.. There was a grocery store next to the motel so we walked over and gathered stuff up for dinner. I think it was Thanksgiving so they had some good stuff in the cases to munch on cold.. That will work.. They always have the best pastries so desert and breakfast was taken care of..We decided to stay 2 nights because we had to change the tire on Rich’s bike 10155606_723101304436319_5253681439005270303_nIt was reaching dinner time and we both thought tacos sounded delicious, we had the camp stove and a garage to heat up the tortillas, what could go wrong.  This night would be referred to as the day Rich almost blew up the sex motel. The evening events went like this we heated up the tortillas and ate our tacos. Rich went downstairs to disassemble the stove and put things away. He started to disconnect the hose from the pressure tank to the stove and then thought he should burn off the remaining fuel in the hose and pressure tank, so he turned the pressure tank upside to vent the pressure and lit the stove with his lighter. He immediately watched the flames dance from the stove up the pressure hose to the tank and the puddle of fuel (gasoline)  that had leaked on the floor. So he can’t tighten the hose because it is covered in flames and way hot. So he moved the burning stove away from the puddle of fuel about 5 feet away and now there are a few things on fire, the stove, the pressure tank, and the puddle of fuel on the floor. Richard is usually very good at remaining calm so he was desperately trying to figure out how to resolve this problem without causing a severe panic on my part. He looked around the garage to see if there was anything he could use, then realized he had disconnected the garage door to plug in our battery charger from when we changed the tire. Last resort call for help…His voiced shaky he loudly yelled “I need a wet towel Now” ! I having no clue what was happening so I got up and went into the bathroom to get a wet towel my action were not quick enough for the chaos happening downstairs, Rich ran upstairs and grabbed the towel out of my hand ran back downstairs and instructed me to stay put. At this point I was highly curious of what was really happening down there. He was able to douse out all the flames with the wet towel and save the sex motel from being blown up. My Hero! Had the flames melted the plastic pump on the pressure tank the potential explosion would have been very bad!

Next day we were headed to San Quintin on the way we stopped an took in the scenery. We saw some horses and a baby donkey..1507957_724593070953809_7984871304859030408_n 10394116_724593290953787_8812239051565820208_nWe also some amazing foliage 10371451_724594630953653_1816543953346155733_n 10801668_726440810769035_606625489535475598_nIt was getting late and we were running out of sunlight quick, as you know you do not ride in the dark in Mexico, due to cattle. Rich had heard about the fishing village outside of town so we headed that way and of course we got lost. So now it’s dark and we have no clue where to stay, I saw a sign on the highway with a arrow pointing down the street that said “HOTEL” We found ourself at a pretty swanky beach motel, at this point we had no choice but to get a room. 1560562_723881247691658_8211986971591840270_n (1)It was so empty there was no one on the beach and or in the hotel. It was gorgeous..1743589_724591607620622_4383021418999424869_n 10421560_724591694287280_562817829721075488_n 10426780_724591714287278_894828779142342190_n But, it was a bit out of our price range so hightailed it out of there early in the morning. Bound for Guerrero Negro, we had stayed there before so we knew where we were going. we however, never ventured past town to see what the salt-flats were like so we wanted to do that this time.

It was really pretty a lot of bird life and pretty similar to what we say saw at the Bonneville Flatts. 10372177_724599917619791_4482900196830375242_n 10420752_724599924286457_7603149673229360857_n 10354675_724599024286547_5167530718950298065_n 10678786_724598894286560_3854322666164193566_n 10406676_724598824286567_1336075293575979340_n 10002918_724598787619904_6537306072873275884_n..So it was well worth the travel time.

I did some research that night and found a place called La Bufadora Inn not to far from us. It was in 13826_725945357485247_7806143321205286219_nBahia Asuncion. This place was amazing!!! We were so happy we went, the experience was so so so cool!10300079_725006257579157_809867997279037736_nThere were a few rooms to choose from here, kinda small, med and large. We chose the small room, which wasn’t small at all it was quite cumfy! IMG_0846The view from the patio was simply tranquil10730964_725764540836662_6995389922859815750_n and the food was unbelievable. Shari and Juan were so nice and so welcoming. The meals were so inexpensive and so good there, plus Shari was a greta chef! 10247397_725120764234373_1325962408780315516_nThere was also Coco and CafeIMG_0895 my two buddies why were also my tour guides to the beach. We stayed 3 nights and every morning my buddies came and got me to go for a walk. 10301129_725464580866658_662163124810821242_n 10704128_725087640904352_3528769642204500359_n 10151369_725464454200004_7781526196016433122_nThe views here were breathtaking10805831_725113044235145_1117757351126666704_n 10470606_725087824237667_4326339929236484775_n 1926762_725087697571013_9013324654755745731_n 10845910_725388594207590_7456164902750869084_n I highly recommend this place when in Baja..

Next we were now heading to my favorite place Mulege, my home away from home. Richard and I have become very close to Sylvia the owner of the Hotel Terrazaz. We did not have far to go so we decided to stop in San Ignacio and have lunch. There was the usual military presence. I had wanted a picture for a while with them all in the back of the truck, because they always waved and greeted us with nothing but smiles. So I thought what the heck 10696328_726376440775472_7883710995730802089_nthey were very obliging. 988882_726376260775490_2576233477212491141_n1374768_726440764102373_137458270462716581_nWe also stopped by Volcan Las Virgenes (three volcanos) 10348273_726440714102378_5038463271793404592_n10849899_726440757435707_1897637138523697960_n

We arrived in Mulege late that afternoon and as we pulled up to the hotel both Sylvia and Ana ran out to give us a hug..10435915_726445534101896_7837107211623872453_n 10410239_726782134068236_2852174763146658419_n10868232_731177323628717_3769350709891926354_n 988960_731177466962036_7276582315016651360_nMulege has been named the paradise of Baja for good reason.. 1506894_727231870689929_3991875676153327749_n 1688298_727232037356579_8922373675038907425_n 1395216_727232047356578_3836028475004921475_nOur friend’s Elle and Grant contacted us, they were in Baja .. YEAH! We met up at Conception Bay to camp for a few days and what a blast we had.. 1782064_729218817157901_978087675121589687_n IMG_097510857780_729209733825476_3386782344923023986_n 1888657_729146540498462_8005824448897673391_n 1607002_729209620492154_6416801990718677336_n 10422368_729210667158716_3970212297225285509_n 9478_729215710491545_3707139335937244491_n 10858445_729215837158199_1682586317772071854_n 10857974_729215937158189_1574328606492517711_n 10805820_729217910491325_3939472472242751181_n 10625012_729220757157707_7379430864742704029_nThis particular beach was home to a very nice goat herder.

This was as far south as we have ever gone so we were ready to take on uncharted territory. The next day we headed south towards La Paz. There wasn’t much scenery on this ride and a lot of construction so it took a while to get there. We found a motel on the side of the highway that looked pretty good from the outside and once we stepped inside the gates I was like WOW 10403198_731649923581457_6004281088390513181_n 10849866_731649936914789_428571066233231081_nIt was about 450 pesos which is about $30-35 not to bad. The name Hotel Paradise, very fitting! Great food and great service!

The next morning I had made arrangements with man named Eddy who owned the  campground I found in El Cardonal. We were planning on staying there a week until Eddy came back from La Paz. The ride there was really pretty. We went through Las Barriles and up the mountain to the little town of El Cardonal. 1476060_732566020156514_5642091166908110760_n (1) 1503350_734670276612755_1539642540089891679_n 10013675_734670483279401_5921884529878281175_nIt took us while to get there only because the view was so awesome we had to stop and take some pictures. The road there was pitted and sandy but somewhat paved. 988960_734679936611789_829173596307529405_n10361328_734680059945110_6217523767227520657_nOnce we reached Eddy’s place we rode through the gate and were greeted by two doggies, later they become our buddies.. IMG_1806We were able to set up camp pretty much anywhere we wanted because the place was empty..

10313465_733010290112087_8070786770372175727_n 1379365_732497426830040_6554989677457984856_n 10419067_732228973523552_1214158584281330471_n There was even a table out there for us to use. Plus Eddy said we could use the bungalows for showers and restrooms.. 10500562_732497533496696_8024248456527496495_nRich was able to fish and I took pictures and played with dogs on the beach..10406857_732496190163497_3017627494537042230_n 10847947_732497576830025_8418438423982429200_n 10451158_732496090163507_7101575120741004208_nThe sunsets were breathtaking along with the views.10850010_734681723278277_7993959315428310972_n 10848054_732659266813856_2656193641514682914_n10846215_734681623278287_2923219139663804370_n 10313465_733010290112087_8070786770372175727_nWe also had a rooster and a chicken that would come over and munch on the tortillas.604167_734679999945116_6744685431389130992_nThe birdlife there was pretty spectacular too!1506467_734673946612388_2422642744552844065_n 10268471_734673593279090_6342186423902802608_n 10881561_734673843279065_9057705498676242707_nThere was  a pretty cute restaurant up the road a bit with really good food and a patio with a awesome view!10868287_732269196852863_1611169248392618233_n 10347628_732269110186205_5066469331332355402_n  10850084_733138050099311_3361816950592455367_nThis was a really nice week and unfortunately, this was also the week I received the news that Mother had passed away so we had to head back to the states. We packed up all our gear and headed North. I have to say riding was really a challenge I couldn’t stop crying and we had to stop at the next town. I needed a few days..

We stayed in San Barrilo actually Buena Vista which, is right outside of San Barrilo. It was a beautiful beach town.IMG_1807 1017559_735371023209347_5337099967641598523_n 1384208_735371013209348_6031863078100028983_n 10599700_735828729830243_3429824161648372169_n 10868020_735828739830242_7165721163449298940_nOn our way back north we also came across a mountain covered in raw crystals 10885375_740007559412360_1914087603476081134_n 10897998_740008002745649_861568018567302255_n 10689588_740008136078969_3858718249436632926_n 10898066_740008372745612_5941875371576891746_nWe also stopped and talked to fellow rider, Carry10409205_741093942637055_7803137015310666258_nWe ended up riding together and splitting a room El Rosario at Mamma Espinoza’s place, highly recommended very nice and cozy!

The further North we rode the colder and windier it became10891678_741444139268702_3681500267171356668_n

10364074_763830517030064_1873506228022090840_nThank you for sharing our adventure we had a lot of fun and hope you follow our trip North beginning in May 2015

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  1. What a great adventure blog and fab pics Melodi! I love following your travels. Your photos are so inspiring, I can imagine myself catching up on the road with you and Rich some day. So glad you are OK after a scary start to that trip and love and hugs to you once again, your mum now rides with you! Safe travels and much happiness to you both! Sue.

  2. Hi guys. We were on the road for two months and got back to ny last week. Got the house and pool back in order and are heading out again next week to Beverly beach Florida. We did a lot of hiking in AZ and UT — and Rock scrambled over boulders at lower Yosemite falls and swam in the pond at the base. Made 12 stops altogether. Next year southern route to Texas and I am considering trying to get to Baja — Thanks to your inspiration! Be well. Keep safe.

    • Hi Michele!!!! Florida.. Oh How fun!!! You will have to send me some pics… Yes BAJA.. Wahoo!!!
      We are currently in Bozeman MT till Tuesday what a great little town… You should check out MT someday absolutely Gorgeous!!!! Ww should be crossing into Canada in the next week.. SOOOO Excited!

      I have to work on the website today I am sooooo behind… LOL

      Be safe and have a blast!!!

  3. What an amazing blog and pictures of the journey you and Rich have been on. We are so happy that you are sharing your story with us. Looking forward to read your next blog and seeing the awesome pictures you take. Plz be safe. We Love You. Mom & Dad

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