BAJA 2013

The morning we left for Mexico started out very eventful. We stayed the night at a little hotel in Poway California where we met a very interesting man who had been all over the world and told us the most amazing stories to boot. He told us about many places we should see once in Mexico this was even more motivation to start our journey to Mexico. We packed up the bikes the next morning and off we went as we merged onto the 805S traffic got thicker and thicker and slower and slower as I looked ahead I saw some lights and policemen directing traffic. I put my foot down to stop and my foot slipped on what seemed to be oil. I then saw it was a semi truck, which had leaked oil across 3 lanes of the freeway, which is deadly to motorcyclists. So here I am paddling across 3 lanes of freeway with the help of many motorists and a policeman, I safely paddled my way off the freeway. This was something I will never forget.

As we arrived to the Border of Tecate it was chaos people coming and going yelling and it made no sense to me so I went through the little gate, as I was crossing into the Mexico I was motioned by one of the police officers to come over to her. She kept saying pull over and over again so I must have ran the red light. As I parked my bike she asked me to take off my helmet, by this time my bike had attracted some attention so there were more officers coming to join the party. I took my helmet off and all I heard was muchacha es muchacha (it is a girl) they laughed and joked with me it was pretty cool and they said, adios and I was on my way.

Entering and exiting the border at Tecate

The scenery was majestic and the roads were amazing it was a very smooth ride. We came across many toll roads, which were all about a $1.00 to cross. We came across an awesome viewpoint right before we hit Mexicali it was so pretty and could almost see Yuma at the highest peak. There was also a waterline that ran through the rolling hills. I met some locals there they were very friendly and very curious about our bikes and us.

The view from the look out point we stopped at after leaving Tecate

The view from the look out point we stopped at after leaving Tecate


Parked the bikes at a look out point after leaving Tecate

Parked the bikes at a look out point after leaving Tecate

We passed through many border crossings and it was pretty typical of what I had perceived as Mexico. However, I for some reason did not realize there would be armed military crossings, well there was and that was quite the experience. Our bikes are very loaded and to take them all apart would take hours so I am not sure if the officers perceived this or if they just did not care enough. They asked us both if we were carrying drugs or guns, which we replied “No” and they carefully looked at the mountain of stuff we had on our bikes and sent us on our way.

First entering Mexico

There was one military check points that was kind of comical young kid with a machine gun asked me to open my side cases and I accidently shut his finger in the case while closing it, he laughed and said I was mean. I tried very hard to look at his finger and apologized he assured he was ok. This is a great picture a man with a machine gun was attacked by a girl with a quick draw in shutting her plastic side case.

We reached our first night in Mexico and stayed at the greatest campsite I have ever seen. This was more of a community then a camp ground, if you are ever in San Felipe I highly recommend Pete’s Camp. Norma runs Pete’s Camp and it one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met the people are all awesome there.

Our first night camping in San Felipe..

Our first night camping in San Felipe






Breathtaking sunset in San Felipe


San Felipe

What a beautiful place this is, a little fishing town with a big heart. We stayed at Pete’s Camp just about 10 miles before entering the town of San Felipe and wow what a place it is. With it’s spectacular views and delicious menu it was marvelous.


Not only did we have the pleasure of becoming friends with Norma the owner but we also met some fabulous new people on the same journey as us. There are so many people just like us that are looking to see the world with a different perspective and attempt to live life to the fullest extinct possible.


As we stayed at Pete’s Camp we were told there were lots of clams hiding in the sand and we welcomed to dig up as many as we would like. Now my experience clamming is less then none and Rich’s experience is a little more but more ocean clamming. So we both remembered that you look for the two little holes in the sand because that is where the clams hide, wrong. We watched many people and tried to mimic their behavior but alas after digging for 3 days and leaving no part of the beach unturned we both came to the conclusion that there were no clams. LOL.

Then on the 4th day we watched 3 young woman get out of their car walk down to the beach roll up their pants and dance in the knee hide mud, hmmm we thought.  They were not chasing the clams as were they were pulling them up with their feet, we were intrigued. We watched them fill up 3 big bags with clams after a few hours then leave. Rich at this point is vengeance toward all clams, we will eat clams he proclaimed! This little venture had become a personal war between him and the clams on the beach.  So we rolled up our pants and squished in knee high mud and began to walk around, suddenly one flipped over on my foot, I said “I got one” he growled then he had one roll over on his foot. Thank the heaven above, I could picture us out there for an uncomfortable amount of time trying to win the war against the disappearing clams.

But he won and he gathered a huge pot of clams, which he enjoyed the next day, every last one of them.





All along the beaches in Gonzaga were palapa’s to stay in. These were huge and had cement floors so there was plenty of room to pitch the tent and stay a while. IMG_4110


After leaving Gonzaga Bay we arrived in a little town called Bahia Dia Los Angeles and stayed at a campground called Daggett Beach owned by Amanda and Rueben Daggett.. What an amazing place!

IMG_4176IMG_4180_DSC4953This was our camp on the beach.

At night you can hear the whales expel air it was the most magical sound I had ever heard.IMG_4188_DSC4831

I think the coolest thing about Bahia Dia Los Angeles were all the pelicans and the birdlife around the water. _DSC4810_DSC4812_DSC4798

We woke up one morning and there was a group Kayak’s getting ready to take off around all the islands for a 4 day trip. IMG_4183


We met some very cool people while camping here IMG_4418Rodney Clark being one one of them.

We became close to both Rueben and Amanda while staying there, what great people! IMG_4421 In fact, I left my bike there for a week there while we went back to the States to my Dad’s house in Indio to purchase a new battery for Rich’s bike. IMG_4218

We had an incredible time at Bahia Dia Los Angeles thank you Amanda and Rueben.



after saying goodbye to Daggett Beach in Bahia Dia Los Angels we headed towards the next town a charming little place called San Ignacio. We ran into our buddy Rodney we all camped at a little place outside of town. IMG_4435IMG_4488

San Ignacio was known for the Mission and the history surrounding the town. Mission San Ignacio was founded by the Jesuit missionary Juan Bautista de Luyando in 1728 at the site of the modern town of San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

IMG_4430 IMG_4442IMG_4446IMG_4447IMG_4455

In the back of the Mission there was a beautiful desert garden



The town of San Ignacio was referred to as a Oasis for good reason the surrounding land is beautiful with a hint of paradise.IMG_4493IMG_4490IMG_4437

After spending a few nights in San Ignacio with our friend Rodney, we all decided it was time to head out. The wind was pretty bad we hesitated for a while hoping the wind would calm down. We gathered our gear and packed the bikes. We headed towards Santa Rosalia and the majestic ocean view was magnificent.IMG_4564The scenery throughout all is Baja just was amazing to me. Every time we would leave one area we would encounter even more beauty. Riding through Santa Rosalia we decided to keep on going, the wind had decreased some and there was still plenty of daylight. We entered Mulege and stayed the night at Las Casitas Hotel. Oh my goodness what a place! IMG_4514 IMG_4515After pulling all our bikes into the garden, “yes” the garden we settled in for a SCRUMPTIOUS dinner and good night’s sleep.

IMG_5163IMG_5162IMG_5217When we woke up the next morning we had a wonderful breakfast, which, was included in the cost and walked around Mulege. We were hoping to find a place to put all our gear for a while so we could enjoy Mulege. We loved Las Casitas but it was a bit out of our price range. We were hoping to find some place we could stay for the next couple of months. We found a great hotel in our budget with a balcony so we could use our camp stove, a BBQ.. It was Perfect!!!! IMG_4532IMG_4536IMG_4538IMG_4816IMG_4845HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! We over looked the entire town of Mulege.                                                                                                       Our friend Rodney only stayed a week then we said adios amigo! IMG_4644IMG_4588IMG_4554we all had such a great time together!

Christmas was nearing and we had the privilege to witness a true Mulege Christmas Parade. IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4600There were floats, music, and a huge fiesta!

We were also getting to know the owner, Sylvia and her wonderful helper Anna. We talked all the time, well we listed a lot and tried to pick up some new words along the way. Sylvia and Anna were very good teacher and very patient. Everyday Rich and I learned a new phrase. IMG_4917 IMG_4828Dear sweet Anna, we even went to her house for dinner a few times.

Mulege also had a Mission not quite like the one in San Ignacio but the walk there was pretty cool. IMG_4628IMG_4636 IMG_4629 IMG_4608 IMG_4603  IMG_4610 IMG_4801 IMG_4803  We even met the grounds keeper IMG_4806

There was so much to do in Mulege we went fishing met some locals and I saw about a million pelicans IMG_5105 IMG_5107 IMG_5128 IMG_5130 IMG_5131 IMG_5142 IMG_4937  I also climbed to the top of the lighthouse by the beachIMG_4580 IMG_4579 IMG_4584 The views were spectacular such utter peace and tranquility!IMG_4582IMG_4564IMG_4562There are many great things about Mulege my favorite however, was down the road a bit.. The Bahia Concepcion (Bay of Conception). Water you can see straight through with a variety of colors..IMG_4898 _DSC5428 _DSC5429 _DSC5434 _DSC5440 IMG_4910We would ride up there as many times as possible.

We also met so many different people while staying Mulege, people traveling by bus, motorcycle, and many cyclists. IMG_4718 IMG_4719 IMG_4724 IMG_4770 IMG_4774 IMG_5170 IMG_5198 IMG_5207 IMG_5201 IMG_5209 _DSC5444 _DSC5446 IMG_5194 _DSC5451 _DSC5453 _DSC5457We also went on some amazing offroads rides with friends!

An amazing times with so many new experiences and so many new friends!


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