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Arizona Painted desert and petrified forest 

This was the  most exquisite place I have ever seen in entire life. There were so many radiant colors I didn’t know which way to point my camera first. DSC05038 DSC05037 DSC05028DSC05034 DSC05031 As we walked


through the first part of the park known as the “Painted Desert” you could see the history unfolding as the colors and layers showed it’s age. It was really spectacular    DSC05017DSC05015 copy!DSC05021

The Painted Desert refers to the rainbow of sedimentary layers exposed in the landscape and it certainly has lived up to it’s name.

The Petrified Forest was in the other side of the park about 17 miles from the Painted Desert. These colors were similar but more deep in purples caused by the manganese. DSC05029 DSC05028 DSC05027DSC05024 IMG_2100


The park also had some pieces of petrified wood on some of the trails. You could actually see the crystallization process. IMG_2118

This is another place I highly recommend seeing once in your lifetime.


Tonto National Bridge Natural Park

The first park we stopped at while in Payson, was Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. It was really fantastic. The scenery was full color and life. It was well worth it and I highly recommend it.  DSC04986 DSC04975 DSC04972

DSC04989 DSC04981

The waterfall was my favorite coming off the side of the bridge. There were so many natural wonders it’s hard to name them all. Unfortunately, these pictures don’t even come close to depict the scenery that we saw. Another cool thing at the Park  was that on the park grounds, they have a entire herd of Javelina’s. They are not tame by any means but they are very photogenic. DSC04956DSC04960 DSC04964The wildlife there also included lizards and beautiful birds. DSC04925 DSC04948 DSC04949 DSC05004

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