Arizona to Vancouver Wa 2014

Arizona to Vancouver, we left Arizona and went through Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington where we regrouped and headed out for a 2014 Baja trip.

We went through Lake Mead National Park, into Nevada, then Nevada, into Utah. The ride took us all day, but what awesome scenery and colorsIMG_0519IMG_0526 IMG_0525 IMG_052210395849_707938709285912_412960675178923797_n10420413_707935925952857_345503134571853207_n10644459_707933639286419_2460803812151210424_nBeing that it was winter there was very little traffic to deal with. We were basically the only ones on the road.


I had been through Zion National Par many years ago, but only in a car, and Rich had never seen it.  I thought it would be really cool to ride through on our bikes.. IMG_0619 IMG_0618 IMG_0617 IMG_0616IMG_0615I was right it was so amazing! The colors and the scenery were much more then I anticipated. Richard was in Awe of the beauty and we stopped and took so many pictures. We were even fortunate enough to see some big horn sheep up close and personal.IMG_0614 IMG_0613There was an actual herd crossing through some rocks and they were so photogenic. 1507712_708945552518561_738823983302257685_n 10365877_708945619185221_725395646971768938_n10432953_708945555851894_5594031471409042307_n

Next, was Brice Canyon and we were so lucky to have had a nice warm day considering it was October. It was so clear you could see across the range for what seemed like forever. No cloud coverage which made for amazing photography! IMG_0594 IMG_0583 IMG_0581 IMG_0598 10711002_708946899185093_7530779957453791306_n We pulled over at the last peak and gathered our camera gear to take some pictures. I grabbed a granola bar like I always do, and I heard a click click click I looked behind me and  my granola bar and I made friends with a gorgeous black bird. IMG_0612IMG_059411024_708946475851802_732487265013488913_n 10659357_708946499185133_5936711104839360888_nHe let me hand feed him and even followed me back and forth to my bike with his little feet clicking behind me awaiting another bite of my granola bar. He was very friendly and talkative and let me take a very close up pictures of him.

A place that I have always wanted  to see was the Bonneville Salt-Flats. It was October and the weather was still really nice but there were some frozen spots throughout the salt, which made a spectacular glisten, I have never seen anything like this. It was so pretty I could have stayed there for hours and took a million pictures..

12773_709576539122129_4858976640541344281_n 10501946_709577305788719_604551065065143755_n (1)IMG_0611 IMG_0610 1512644_709299265816523_8372161267567295548_nIMG_0609 IMG_06081555499_709577452455371_3411903244080693377_nSalt-Flats as far as the eye could see…

Next, was Idaho where we weren’t so lucky with weather and unfortunately, we had caught the tail end of a nasty winter storm. It was so cold we could barely ride. Not only was it cold but it was also deer migration/hunting season so needless to say we had deer jumping out in front of us, which did not help matters at all. I have NEVER EVER in my life ever seen anything like this. The road was sadly, littered with so much road kill. Between that and the cold it took us all day to go about 100 miles so we finally stopped for the night ahead of where we were suppose to go. We just could not take the cold anymore that day.

The next day we peeked out the window and sure enough there was SUN yeah!!! I had planned a ride to the Craters of the Moon National Monument and with the weather change we were able to still go. It was really cool and because it’s winter there were no other people there, kinda eire but cool.

64365_710237285722721_6928557427848609644_n 559515_710237279056055_2240154646808227046_n 1901933_710237135722736_5279771897030814234_n 10361272_710237009056082_9130421730140030308_n 10606125_710237325722717_4194517642032398340_n 10636021_710237105722739_598855643709185222_nWe learned a lot of interesting things about spatter cones and had a really good day there.

Next was Oregon, it was wet and kinda cold but not to bad, it seemed once again we were lucky. The greens were so so green and the fall colors were amazing. IMG_0658 IMG_066210384223_711129578966825_8376485518724837977_n 10801779_711130058966777_8313182560396001696_nBeing that it was still late October the season was just on the edge of changing, if we would have waited another week these trees would have been bare. We made it to Vancouver that same day, funny the minute we entered Washington it was downpour all the way there…

Time to regroup and then off to Baja in a few weeks……..


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