Before Baja

El Cardón, Isla Coronado

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El Cardón, Isla Coronado 24.077360, -110.304188

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Here we go!!! The First leg of our trip begins at the end of September!!! Here we come Mexico!!  So excited!! If there are any suggestions with our route please let us know!! Thank you!

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  1. ok guys, get moveing or come back to work ! is canada going to happen ? snow is comeing ! better just come back to work.

  2. Thank you so much Terese,

    We will be heading to Mexico in 2 weeks, yeah! We can’t wait to share more pictures and fun times with everyone!!

  3. Hi Emily,

    We call it 2wheels2live because we both live, love and laugh on 2wheels.. LOL

    Thank you for your reply!

  4. Richy

    Great adventure and have a safe trip and I’ll keep watching your progress.


  5. if you have not left yet, give me a call.

  6. Ok – ur on the road! Keep posting so we know were u are 😀

  7. Good Morning, How are things going? ? ? If you know what day it is, I will be off the day before Thanksgiving, work Thanksgiving 1 to 10 pm., off on Friday, 40 hrs. Hope your having a super good time. Love ya,

  8. Hey there from Matt & Michele (the drunk people you met at the Baja 1000 race)!! Just a quick note to let you know we all made it back, even the injured. Sorry you didn’t make it out to our friends place but maybe it’s a good thing. The road was impassable during and after the rains…turned into a giant truck eating mud bog. Even the day after we had to take the “high-high road” to get out of there. Good fun, full of wet sand, ruts, and whoops!! Vandy and I rode while Matt & Mo (the infirm) were given a ride along with their bikes all the way to the pavement in San Filippe. Stopped by to wish you both luck but you must have already gone. Sure hope you mailed 3/4’s of your gear home by now. LOL!!!
    By the way, the story of you guys finding Vandy, drunk sitting on his moto crying about having nothing left has become the favorite of our trip.
    Look forward to riding along with you via your blog. Stay smart, take chances.
    Michele (and Matt, Vandy & Mo) Salt Lake City UT

  9. Kristina & Eckhard

    Hi Melodi and Rich,

    we`re the german couple in Felipe, also with F 650 GS and the 1150 GS.

    We see, your ride is going south far well and you were now in Mexico mainland.

    Have a great time and enjoy – we are now back in Germany after 4,5 month and feel a little bit strange at home…

    Best wishes!

    Kristina & Eckhard

  10. Arrived in Zacatitos last night at 9. Long haul! Trying to send a picture of you 2. iPad issues. Perhaps email me? Hope you had a good ride!
    Ewan and Kathy

  11. Good luck you two crazy kids. Have the time of your lives and be safe! Keep us informed thanks and ride on!

  12. Just read your post on Mulege, pictures are great and narrative left me wanting more. How perfect.

    Keep having fun. Hugs

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